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August 2018 Archives

Singer with no will shows failure in estate planning and probate

New Yorkers who are debating whether or not they need a comprehensive or even a basic estate plan should pay attention to the news and stories of prominent people who choose not to formulate these documents. It is frighteningly common for people of significant means to fail in estate planning and leave many questions for family members and potential heirs after they have died. One recent case in which estate planning and probate has come to the forefront is with the death of singer Aretha Franklin.

Avoid these common mistakes when starting a new business

The number of responsibilities new business owners take on when launching a new venture may seem immeasurable. Business owners in New York make many decisions - big, small and in between - during the formation process that can have long-lasting effects on the business down the line.

Estate planning and probate and the fiduciary's role

When a loved one dies in New York State, there will be many issues to navigate. Different people will have different roles in handling the probate and administration of the estate. It is important for people who have been entrusted with certain duties to know what they are supposed to do and how they can best fulfill their responsibilities. One issue that will come up is the role of the fiduciary of the estate.

What are different types of custody with family law and divorce?

One of the most complicated issues related to family law and divorce in New York State is child custody. Not only is this difficult in a legal sense, but it can be an emotional roller coaster as well. As the decision is made to end a marriage, child custody will come to the forefront. Knowing the basics such as the difference between legal custody and physical custody is important when trying to sift through the options, come to an agreement, or choose to go to court. As with any family law matter, legal help is always beneficial.

Serving the child's best interests in family law and divorce

When a couple in New York divorces, children often end up getting caught in the middle. There can be disagreements about custody, visitation rights, child support and more. The court is intent on ensuring the child is cared for appropriately and will focus on the best interest of the child when making its determinations. Understanding what is considered within that context is important for the parents, so they can be prepared for their case.

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