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September 2018 Archives

Family law and divorce and modifying child support payments

For noncustodial parents in New York State, the requirement that they pay child support to the custodial parent is an important issue in family law and divorce. The amount they are ordered to pay will be deemed sufficient to provide for the child and the custodial parent's needs and to meet the child's best interests. However, it is not unusual for noncustodial parents to want to modify what they are paying. It is also possible that the amount due will be changed because of a cost of living adjustment (COLA). Understanding the details about these issues is critical.

Family law, divorce, and the custody and visitation hearing

In New York, it is always preferable for the participants in a child custody case to agree on how custody and visitation will be allocated. However, with family law and divorce, it is rarely simple to reach an agreement. Oftentimes, individuals will have their own reasons for wanting custody or seeking certain concessions with visitation rights. This is true whether the dissolution is amicable or contentious. Having legal assistance can be critical toward understanding the various aspects of a child custody and visitation hearing, and ensuring that your and your child's best interests are protected.

New York State business law and forming an LLC

One of the main reasons that New York residents avoid starting businesses even if they have a good product or service to sell is a failure to understand the legal details about how a business must be structured. Business law can be a key part of success. Failing to adhere to the law might result in many problems down the road. Lack of proper structure can even hinder a business from getting off the ground in the first place. The appropriate business form depends on the business at hand. There are many options available. One that is commonly used is a limited liability company (LLC). Before using this form, it is important to know what it is and how it can be formed.

Family law and divorce often features disputes over property

When a New York couple concludes that their marriage is not working and they decide to move forward with a divorce, there are many issues that will need to be addressed throughout the process. If there are children, for example, child custody and visitation may become a major issue that leads to extensive disagreement. Other matters that are often problematic in family law and divorce are child support and property division. No matter where a couple resides in New York, the property they own can have extensive financial and sentimental value. This can lead a couple to argue over very specific items. For this reason, it is often imperative to have the assistance of legal counsel before proceeding with the property division process.

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