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November 2018 Archives

What is a business merger?

It can be hard for a New York business to get going and find success in its first years of operation. An estimated half of all new small businesses close within their first 5 years. It can be hard for some business owners to keep fighting for their dreams when it seems as though the world is stacked against them. However, complete closure is not the only end that a small business may face. If there is interest, a business may be approached about participating in a merger.

What types of trusts are available to Buffalo estate planners?

Most New York residents understand the purpose of having a will. A will is a testamentary document that spells out how a person wants their property distributed when they pass away. A will can also describe how and who may have the right to support the deceased party's kids in the event that the children are left without parents.

Estate planning and probate and the voluntary administrator

With estate planning and probate in New York, there are a litany of rules that must be followed. Some have terms and requirements that can be confusing to a great many people. However, understanding them is crucial to the process and failure to do so can be a major hindrance. One such law that must be understood with estate planning is the voluntary administrator and how circumstances impact who it will be. This can differ depending on whether the person had a will (was testate) or did not have a will (was intestate).

Do you need a social media prenup?

For engaged couples, creating a prenup is usually an act of financial responsibility, allowing you and your fiancé to protect your assets in case your marriage ever comes to an unforeseen end. But did you know that you can also use a prenup to protect yourself on social media?

Retired athlete says family law and divorce agreement is too high

Former baseball star and current broadcaster Alex Rodriguez is embroiled in a dispute with his former wife about support. Mr. Rodriguez has been trying to reduce the amount -- approximately $155,000 per month -- paid to his ex-wife and for the support of his two daughters, ages 13 and 10. They divorced a decade ago. According to the documents, the amount of support was supposed to be changed after his retirement as a player.

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