Starting a new business in New York is a big undertaking. A person may have to line up commercial space and vendors, secure licenses and hire employees. They may formulate growth plans in order to get financing for projects and seek the advice of industry experts to avoid missteps that often befall new businesses. And top of all of that, they must also meet all of the legal and regulatory requirements that apply to their entity.

Regulations come from many parts of the government and can apply to many different business practices. For example, if a business will serve food and drinks, it must meet health and safety standards imposed by various regulatory groups. If a business will need to hire a staff, it must ensure that its workers are legally eligible to hold jobs and earn income.

Businesses that produce waste products may run into regulatory issues with regard to how those hazardous products are disposed of. If the business plans to expand its facilities, it may have to address regulatory restrictions on how the expansion may be built or if it will extend into protected environmental space.

Needless to say, regulations can affect practically every part of a business’ operations, and the failure of a business to abide by those rules can cost it dearly. Staying on top of regulatory compliance can be a tough job for someone who is fighting to keep the doors of their new business entity open. It can be beneficial for a new business owner to seek the advice needed from a business law professional to understand matters related to regulatory compliance.