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May 2019 Archives

Working out a parenting plan isn't always easy, but must happen

One of the most contentious issues for parents who are divorcing is what will happen with the children. Child custody matters can pit one parent against the other. When coupled with the negative emotions that come with divorce, there can be a lot of stress and difficulty involved in making the parenting plan.

How can financial infidelity affect a couple's marriage?

It is a leap of faith to decide to marry another person. While love can get a couple pretty far in life, the partners to a union must also have a confidence in each other's power to make decisions that will support their shared and familial interests. When trust issues arise in Buffalo marriages, it can take a lot of work for the partners to get their marriages back in order.

Why pets should be included in your estate plan

When most people sit down with an attorney to write their will, they consider which family heirlooms and other physical objects they'd like to pass on to family members. However, in making plans for minor children, your estate and your assets, it's important not to leave out a very important member of the family -- your pet!

What types of child custody are there in family law and divorce?

Breaking up a family because of a divorce can be hard on parents and hard on kids. New Yorkers may look for ways to minimize the impacts of divorce on their children, but often it is hard to completely prevent children from experiencing challenges as their family transitions. During a divorce a parent's commitment to their children's custodial needs is imperative to helping their children move into the future.

What should be done to secure a business loan?

Not every individual who wishes to start their own business has the financial capacity to do so without help. In New York and throughout the nation, new businesses are started and financed with the help of loans from different types of lenders. Getting a business loan is not always easy, and this post offers some helpful guidance to those who may wish to prepare themselves for the process of applying for a loan.

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