Many New York residents dream of starting their own businesses and becoming their own bosses. They may have envisioned futures in which they set their own goals, work their own schedules and enjoy their own profits. Not everyone who has these fantasies will follow through and create their own business entity, and not everyone who does will do so in a way that is sustainable.

Many new businesses fail within their first year of operations. Not many new businesses last for more than a few years. There are many reasons that businesses fail to find their footholds and not all new business owners understand the intricacies of running an entity with a corporate structure. For individuals who want to arm themselves with knowledge and know-how before starting up their dream businesses, it is important that they receive sound legal guidance.

At our law firm, we offer our clients a wide range of banking, business and corporate legal services. New business owners should undertake a variety of considerations before they open their doors; the right legal guidance is crucial.

From choosing an organizational structure and selecting a name, to filing the appropriate paperwork to have a business legally recognized by the state, new business owners have many boxes to check before they may open their doors. At our law firm, we encourage our clients to take proactive steps to open their new businesses with confidence and success. With the right approach to legal issues, business owners may be able to help building a lasting model for their companies.