When two New York parents decide to separate or end their marriage in divorce, they will have to make many difficult decisions about how they will continue to provide for and love their children. Some of their decisions will focus on child custody, such as where their kids will live and how the parents will make choices about raising them. Other decisions will address their children’s financial needs.

Child support is the financial maintenance that parents pay to ensure their kids have what they need to live. Both of a child’s parents are expected to provide money to support them even if their relationship with their spouse has ended, and parents who do not have custodial rights often provide more child support than parents who are responsible for their children’s day-to-day needs. Child support is either ordered by the courts or agreed to between parents and once support plans are adopted they must be followed.

However, as time passes families may find that their child support plans are insufficient to meet their children’s needs. A child may need more support than originally established in their order, or a parent’s capacity to provide support may diminish if they lose their job. When changes in circumstances occur, parents can petition the courts to establish new child support parameters, so that they can continue to support their kids.

Violations of child support agreements and orders can result in penalties against parents who have not kept up with their payments. Modifications can help parents stay on track as they work to support their kids. Family law and divorce attorneys can help individuals hoping to change their child support orders and agreements with completing this important process.