Health Care Proxies And Powers Of Attorney

At the Buffalo-based law firm of Cohen & Lombardo, P.C., we believe that no matter how young or old, every person needs a power of attorney and a health care proxy.

Both these documents appoint people you trust to make vital decisions on your behalf, should you become incapacitated. Such incapacitation could occur at any time. It might be due to dementia in old age or due to a traumatic brain injury during your college years, so it’s wise to create these documents as soon as possible.

A Power Of Attorney Has Many Uses

Creating a power of attorney (POA) document gives you much greater control over your future. You get the chance to appoint the trusted friend or family member of your choice instead of leaving it up to an unknown New York judge to appoint a guardian.

Through a POA, you can grant your chosen agent the power to:

  • Make deposits and withdrawals from your bank accounts
  • Request financial statements from your investment advisers
  • Interact with government agencies on your behalf
  • Call your credit card company and have it cancel the card
  • Accomplish numerous other tasks

We Take A Comprehensive Approach To Health Care Proxies

A health care proxy gives the person of your choice the ability to make decisions regarding your medical treatment and end-of-life care.

Our document has developed over time and includes much more than the typical statutory form. Our document goes into much greater detail about what is important to you, and how your agent is to carry out your wishes.

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