Handling Simple And Complex Probate And Estate Administration

Cohen & Lombardo, P.C., is a Buffalo-based law firm that has the extensive experience and legal knowledge to handle even the most complex probate and estate administration matters. Our team of New York lawyers regularly assists clients with estates that include real estate, stock options, retirement accounts, family-owned businesses, professional practices and other significant assets.

From filing estate tax and income tax returns to setting up credit shelter trusts, our firm has the skill clients seek.

Relieving The Executor’s Stress By Handling All The Details

When executors hire us to handle the estate, we work hard to take the stress off their shoulders. Our firm will manage the estate’s accounts and pay the bills in a timely manner. We will provide clear advice on income tax and estate tax issues. We will help decide when to sell real estate and where to find a good real estate agent. We will help you transfer or sell the estate assets including stocks, treasury notes, discard notes, interest accounts, and others.

Essentially, we take a very active role in every facet of the matter in order to make the estate administrator’s job easier for our clients.

Representing The Beneficiaries And Keeping Them Informed

Our attorneys also represent beneficiaries who have questions about what is happening with the estate and why. Many beneficiaries receive incomplete information from the court, from family members or from executors, so they appreciate our emphasis on keeping them fully informed and educating them about everything they need to know. Our mission for the beneficiaries we represent is to ensure they receive both the information and assets they deserve.

Four Questions To Ask When Choosing An Attorney To Probate Your Parent’s Or Spouse’s Estate

Here are some of the best questions to ask…

FIRST!   How many estates have you probated?

You need an attorney who has probated estates before and who knows the potential twists and turns that can delay the efficient handling of an estate. Can this attorney spot possible problems with the will or with the kinds of assets in the estate or with the beneficiaries of the estate? Does the attorney offer possible solutions to these issues?

SECOND!   Can you handle all aspects of the estate administration?

Does the attorney handle the sale of a house or of stocks? Does the attorney know how to liquidate savings bonds? What about taxes? Is the attorney able to prepare the tax returns or does he or she have an associate they work with who will prepare them? What will happen if there is a business involved? Does the attorney oversee the day to day administration, including setting up the estate bank accounts, paying the bills of the estate or debts of the decedent, inventorying the assets, preparing an account of all activity in the estate? Or do I do this myself? And what about assets that are located in other states – can this attorney help you handle these?

THIRD!   What will happen if there are disputes among the beneficiaries of the estate?

What will the attorney do to resolve disputes among the beneficiaries over issues such as who will take the house and will someone have to pay rent to live in the house during the administration of the estate? How will the personal property be divided among the beneficiaries if they cannot reach an agreement about it?

FOURTH!   How long will it take you to complete the administration of the estate?

How long does it ordinarily take for the attorney to have the executor appointed? How long does it usually take before the estate is settled and closed? Is the attorney aware of time deadlines set by statute for administering an estate? What will the attorney do to make sure that the estate moves along at a reasonable pace and is concluded in a manner that all of the beneficiaries can agree to?

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