Attorneys For Child Custody And Access/Visitation

At Cohen & Lombardo, P.C., we know children, we know families and we know New York law. Our firm has been resolving child custody disputes and other legal concerns since 1933. You can count on our lawyers to intelligently and vigorously defend your parental rights and your relationships with your children.

Working With Experts To Determine A Child’s Best Interests

Ideally, both parents will be able to come to a mutually acceptable agreement about who will spend time with the children at which times and how various parental duties will be allocated. Our courts now call this access rather than visitation. In some cases, however, parents simply cannot agree. These situations can often be resolved through mediation or collaborative law. If such alternative dispute resolutions are not successful or appropriate, we can proceed to trial.

In litigated custody cases, we have access to experts such as psychologists and counselors who can testify in regard to the child’s best interests. Our own team also has particular experience in this area. Two of our family law attorneys serve as Attorneys for Children (formerly called the Law Guardian Panel), which means they are well-respected by the courts and frequently appointed to advocate on behalf of children.

Modifying Parenting Plans When Circumstances Change

If you or your child has experienced a substantial change in circumstances, it may be possible to obtain a modification. Cohen & Lombardo, P.C., has handled all kinds of modification cases, including those related to parental relocation, domestic violence and other issues.

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