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New businesses in New York need legal support

Many New York residents dream of starting their own businesses and becoming their own bosses. They may have envisioned futures in which they set their own goals, work their own schedules and enjoy their own profits. Not everyone who has these fantasies will follow through and create their own business entity, and not everyone who does will do so in a way that is sustainable.

What are the basics of contract under business law?

Business law permits verbal contracts in many situations, but most businesses in New York rely on written contracts when making an agreement with another entity. Because contract formation is so integral to many businesses, it is important to understand what the elements of contract formation are, so that the final agreement is legally enforceable.

What should be done to secure a business loan?

Not every individual who wishes to start their own business has the financial capacity to do so without help. In New York and throughout the nation, new businesses are started and financed with the help of loans from different types of lenders. Getting a business loan is not always easy, and this post offers some helpful guidance to those who may wish to prepare themselves for the process of applying for a loan.

What is a sole proprietorship under business law?

There are a number of different ways that New York residents can choose to structure their businesses and a variety of factors that should be considered to determine what structures are best for their use. If more than one person will be involved in the business, a partnership may be appropriate for its establishment. If only one person will start and operate an entity, then a sole proprietorship may work for them.

What does it mean under business law to take a business public?

In recent years certain ubiquitous enterprises have "gone public" and have made their debuts on the stock exchange. However, for individuals in New York who are outside of the corporate world, the distinction between a private company and public company may not be clear.

Regulations impose requirements on New York businesses

Starting a new business in New York is a big undertaking. A person may have to line up commercial space and vendors, secure licenses and hire employees. They may formulate growth plans in order to get financing for projects and seek the advice of industry experts to avoid missteps that often befall new businesses. And top of all of that, they must also meet all of the legal and regulatory requirements that apply to their entity.

Important business law terms in a partnership agreement

A partnership is a popular form of business structure for Buffalo residents to use when they are establishing their new business entities. A partnership requires more than one owner and generally will be governed by the partnership agreement that the partners make at the outset of their venture. This post will address some of the terms that a partnership agreement should include, but as with all legal matters, readers are reminded that independent legal counsel should be sought for advice on specific business law matters.

What is necessary for a business contract to be valid?

Individuals who operate businesses in Buffalo may be aware of how pervasive contracts are in their industries. Whether they run restaurants or shops, engage in corporate or financial undertakings or endeavor into other lucrative fields, business owners cannot thrive if they do not have strong contracts in place. These can exist in the agreements they create with their employees and vendors, in the leases they sign for the use of physical space and tech-based products and a myriad of other arenas related to their particular fields.

What is a business merger?

It can be hard for a New York business to get going and find success in its first years of operation. An estimated half of all new small businesses close within their first 5 years. It can be hard for some business owners to keep fighting for their dreams when it seems as though the world is stacked against them. However, complete closure is not the only end that a small business may face. If there is interest, a business may be approached about participating in a merger.

With business law in New York, should I use a C corp?

It takes a certain amount of intestinal fortitude and fearlessness for anyone to start a business, but when that business will begin in New York, it is even more impressive given the competition and challenges. Regardless of the business idea and how viable it is, there are aspects of business law that cannot be ignored. One is determining what type of corporation to use. One of the most common is a C corp. Knowing the difference between the different alternatives is key to making an informed decision and avoiding problems as time passes. Legal help is always critical in any such endeavor.

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