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Posts tagged "Family Law And Divorce"

When can a parent seek a child support modification?

When two New York parents decide to separate or end their marriage in divorce, they will have to make many difficult decisions about how they will continue to provide for and love their children. Some of their decisions will focus on child custody, such as where their kids will live and how the parents will make choices about raising them. Other decisions will address their children's financial needs.

Is spousal support a part of every divorce?

While the topic of divorce may be familiar to readers of this New York legal blog, the specific nature of individual divorces can be very different. That is to say, the resolution of one divorce and its related family law issues may be very different than the resolution of similar topics in another divorce. The unique factors and circumstances of each divorce will dictate when and how it will conclude.

How can financial infidelity affect a couple's marriage?

It is a leap of faith to decide to marry another person. While love can get a couple pretty far in life, the partners to a union must also have a confidence in each other's power to make decisions that will support their shared and familial interests. When trust issues arise in Buffalo marriages, it can take a lot of work for the partners to get their marriages back in order.

What types of child custody are there in family law and divorce?

Breaking up a family because of a divorce can be hard on parents and hard on kids. New Yorkers may look for ways to minimize the impacts of divorce on their children, but often it is hard to completely prevent children from experiencing challenges as their family transitions. During a divorce a parent's commitment to their children's custodial needs is imperative to helping their children move into the future.

Residency requirements for a New York divorce

Not just anyone from anywhere can get a divorce in New York. In order to use the state's courts to end their marriages, individuals must meet residency requirements. The residency requirements that New York law impose on those who wish to use their services prevent non-residents from burdening the system and taking advantage of how New York applies its laws.

Important factors during child custody determinations

Although a divorce is ultimately about severing a marital couple's relationship, it can involve so much more. New York families that have worked through divorces understand that the process affects everyone in the divorcing couple's household, including the partners' children. Issues like child custody and support can therefore be both important and difficult for individuals to address when they decide to end their marital unions.

Buffalo attorneys support local family law clients

Divorces are not uncommon, but they can be highly stressful for New York families who are caught up in their proceedings. Even though divorces only dissolve the legal relationship that exist between two married people, other people such as the parties' children can feel the weight of the proceedings in their own lives. Because divorce can have far-reaching impacts on the lives of the parties and others, many New York residents look for ways to minimize the damages that can affect their families.

Spousal support in New York can be single or ongoing payments

The parties to a divorce must make several important decisions about how they  will separate their lives and manage their ongoing shared responsibilities. Often those responsibilities relate to the care and support of children, but in some New York divorces the parties must determine if spousal support should be awarded. Spousal support is the payment of money from one person to their ex after their marriage is over, and is often referred to as alimony in other states.

Understand how child support fits into a New York divorce

A divorce may offer its parties new beginnings for their lives, but before they can move on they must work through several family law issues that will establish their relationship in the future. Particularly if the parties share a child together, they will they have to decide where their child will live and how they will work together to support their child's financial needs.

What is a no-fault divorce in New York?

In New York, individuals may pursue either no-fault or fault-based grounds for divorce. The grounds of fault that the courts recognize include cruel treatment of one spouse to the other, adultery, incarceration of one spouse for at least three years, and abandonment of one spouse by the other for at least a year. Of course, not all couples will have these serious issues existing between them. Therefore, many parties who decide to file for divorce will use the state's no-fault option to get it into the courts.

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