Arbitration is the resolution of disputes between parties by a neutral third person or persons who will hear both sides, make a determination, and render a decision and award. Arbitration has proven to be an effective way to resolve disputes between litigants, or potential litigants, privately, promptly and economically, and is frequently the resolution of choice in disputes involving contracts, personal injury, property damage and matrimonials. The Arbitrator acts as the judge of the conflict between the parties. The Arbitrator presides at a hearing at which the parties may testify under oath. They may call other witnesses and produce documentary evidence that is relevant and material to the dispute, and they may produce such other evidence as the arbitrator may deem necessary for him or her to reach an understanding and determination of the conflict. In arbitration, the proceedings are less formal and the rules of evidence are more relaxed than those of the courtroom. After all evidence has been submitted, the Arbitrator will render a decision and make an award based on the facts and evidence as presented. In most instances, judicial review of an arbitrator’s determination is limited.

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