Seeking Compensation For Dog Bites And Animal Attacks

At Cohen & Lombardo, P.C., we have seen the tragic aftermath of dog attacks on innocent people. Often, these victims are only children. The young are particularly vulnerable not only to physical harm, but also emotional trauma from such incidents.

From our Buffalo and Amherst offices, our attorneys vigorously represent those who have been seriously injured by other people’s pets throughout New York.

Serious Scars Often Call For Lengthy, Expensive Treatment

Typically, dog bite cases revolve around the scars left behind. If you or someone you know was left with a disfiguring injury/scar, you may be eligible to seek compensation. The size and location of the scar matters.

When you turn to Cohen & Lombardo, P.C., we will fully investigate the animal attack and ask a number of important questions such as:

  • How noticeable is the scar?
  • Can it be corrected by cosmetic surgery or other means?
  • How old is the victim?
  • Will he or she require psychological counseling?
  • What other expenses will be associated with the injury?

Talk To Us Before You Take Out A Law Loan

Before you turn to a law loan company and begin accumulating exorbitant interest, talk to our lawyers. We can advise you about your full range of options for obtaining medical care.

Learn more about these options by scheduling a free case evaluation today. Simply call Cohen & Lombardo, P.C., at 716-262-8428 or reach out to us by email.


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