Former baseball star and current broadcaster Alex Rodriguez is embroiled in a dispute with his former wife about support. Mr. Rodriguez has been trying to reduce the amount — approximately $155,000 per month — paid to his ex-wife and for the support of his two daughters, ages 13 and 10. They divorced a decade ago. According to the documents, the amount of support was supposed to be changed after his retirement as a player.

Since Mr. Rodriguez earned $30 million per year as a player and that has been reduced to $3 million per year in his post-career endeavors, he wants the payments lowered. Another factor in the attempt to lower the payments is that his ex-wife has a new fiancé, a child, owns multiple properties and vehicles, and has a substantial amount in the bank. He believes he is paying for her new lifestyle. Mr. Rodriguez wants to pay $20,000 monthly for his kids, which is around $1,000 more than is needed. His ex-wife wants $50,000. The case is ongoing.

When a famous person with significant assets gets a divorce, we often see a massive settlement and support payments to the former spouse. This is especially true if there were children from the relationship. However, as time passes, these famous people may experience a decline in assets and income. The circumstances of their former spouse could also change with a new marriage and other factors. With family law and divorce, it is important for those who are facing life changes to understand how to go about altering the agreement and the Court order if it is necessary and legally viable.

Although this is a case of extreme wealth and fame, the issues can easily fit into the problems that people of lesser means face when dealing with ex-spouses, child support, income changes and more. For the supported former spouse, there can be many justifications to continue receiving the same amount or of not reducing the amount of scheduled changes as much as the paying former spouse wants. From the supporting former spouse’s perspective, the drastic reduction in means and an agreement to reduce those payments upon the happening of certain events should warrant the changes. A law firm that understands all aspects of family law and divorce can be of assistance in any case and should be contacted for advice.