A divorce may offer its parties new beginnings for their lives, but before they can move on they must work through several family law issues that will establish their relationship in the future. Particularly if the parties share a child together, they will they have to decide where their child will live and how they will work together to support their child’s financial needs.

Though all family law and divorce matters are different, it is often the case that when a child lives with one of their parents after a divorce, the other parent will pay child support to help with the costs of raising the child. These payments may be used for several costs related to the child’s care, from paying the rent that provides them with housing to buying them the clothing, food and other necessities they require to live.

Child support is an obligation that may be created through an agreement or a court order. In either case, it will carry the weight of judicial authority if it is adopted into a final divorce decree and will bind a parent or both parents to certain financial terms regarding the future support of their kids.

The attorneys of Cohen & Lombardo, P.C., recognize that many parents want what is best for their children and therefore will work to ensure that they meet or exceed the obligations imposed on them by the courts. Child support is one of many important family law and divorce issues that individuals must address when they choose to end their marriage, and the law firm of Cohen & Lombardo, P.C., is prepared to support their clients’ needs as they meet those issues during their divorce.