Divorces are not uncommon, but they can be highly stressful for New York families who are caught up in their proceedings. Even though divorces only dissolve the legal relationship that exist between two married people, other people such as the parties’ children can feel the weight of the proceedings in their own lives. Because divorce can have far-reaching impacts on the lives of the parties and others, many New York residents look for ways to minimize the damages that can affect their families.

One step that individuals can take to protect themselves and their loved ones from the traumas of divorce is to associate with knowledgeable and trustworthy legal counsel. The law firm of Cohen & Lombardo P.C. has been serving the needs of Buffalo residents for more than 80 years and providing them with legal advice and support to work through the specific struggles that they face in their divorce proceedings. The attorneys of the firm are dedicated to protecting their clients’ rights all while advocating for their legal needs and personal expectations.

Divorces can be complicated by many factors and individuals should be prepared to weather legal storms with supportive and zealous legal advocates. The attorneys of Cohen & Lombardo P.C. know how to fight for their clients’ needs and know when to work toward negotiating with other parties to find peaceful resolutions to divorce differences.

Cohen & Lombardo P.C. is a local Buffalo law firm. that serves local Buffalo residents as well as others in New York. The firm’s family law practice was established long ago and continues to provide legal guidance to members of the community. More information about how the law firm of Cohen & Lombardo P.C. can serve New Yorkers may be found online through the firm’s family law and divorce webpage.