Although a divorce is ultimately about severing a marital couple’s relationship, it can involve so much more. New York families that have worked through divorces understand that the process affects everyone in the divorcing couple’s household, including the partners’ children. Issues like child custody and support can therefore be both important and difficult for individuals to address when they decide to end their marital unions.

When it comes to child custody, courts look to many sources of information to determine what actions and arrangements may serve the best interests of the child. They will assess if both or only one of the parents is suited to having the kids live with them, and they will investigate if violence or abuse has ever occurred between a parent and the children. Parents who are not emotionally capable of caring for their kids on their own may not be granted full custody of their kids if such arrangements may be detrimental to the children.

In New York a child may have the option of weighing in on where they will live after their parents go through a divorce. However, some children may be too young to be involved in this process or may lack the requisite capacity to have a say in this legal process, and readers should talk to their attorneys about whether this may be a consideration in their own custody proceedings.

Every child has different needs and during divorce proceedings, New York courts try to offer kids the best possible outcomes regarding their custody. Family law and divorce attorneys can provide their clients with case-relevant guidance and information so that their clients can prepare themselves to do what is best for their children and their post-divorce needs.