One of the most contentious issues for parents who are divorcing is what will happen with the children. Child custody matters can pit one parent against the other. When coupled with the negative emotions that come with divorce, there can be a lot of stress and difficulty involved in making the parenting plan.

Unfortunately, you need to get the parenting plan done quickly so that you are able to help your children adjust to the new way of life quickly. This will depend, in part, on your ability to negotiate and compromise with your ex. If this isn’t going very well, there are some options that you might have to make the situation work.

Don’t let the past creep up

It is often difficult to put your own feelings aside when you are dealing with your ex. When it comes to child custody, you need to stop thinking about what led to the divorce and focus solely on what the kids need to thrive. The only time that the past should come up is when there was something between your ex and your children that must be addressed. An example of this is if there were instances of abuse or neglect.

Keep an open mind

Part of working out a parenting agreement is being able to work as a team. This might not be easy, and you might be convinced that your way is the best way to handle things. Even if that is true, you must go into the process with the mindset that you will compromise. If you need time to think about an option, take a few minutes or longer to look into the pros and cons of the situation. You might not have that luxury for important decisions or ones that need to be made quickly.

Prepare for court in Buffalo

There are cases that just can’t be resolved through negotiations. In these instances, you should prepare for court. This is likely going to be more stressful than working something out together.

Regardless of how the matter is handled, you and your ex will need to be respectful to each other so that you can successfully live as a parenting team. Not only can this help to keep your own stress down, it can also help your children to adjust since they won’t have to witness battles between you and your ex.