While the topic of divorce may be familiar to readers of this New York legal blog, the specific nature of individual divorces can be very different. That is to say, the resolution of one divorce and its related family law issues may be very different than the resolution of similar topics in another divorce. The unique factors and circumstances of each divorce will dictate when and how it will conclude.

For example, not every divorce will involve spousal support negotiations. Spousal support is intended to provide a financially dependent party with financial help from their ex so that they may be able to provide for themselves in the future. In some cases spousal support may be a short-term obligation between former marital partners, but in other cases it may be long-term.

In some situations spousal support may not be necessary. If both of the parties to a divorce have jobs and are able to provide for their own post-divorce needs, then the spousal support may be left out of the parties divorce negotiations. However, if one party claims that they will need spousal support once their marriage is over, the divorce court will look into whether that claim should be validated with a judgment.

Parties to divorce proceedings can agree to spousal support arrangements and these agreements can become part of their divorce resolution. Readers are encouraged to talk to their divorce and family law attorneys about whether spousal support will be necessary for them to pursue in their legal proceedings. This post does not advocate for any legal position or offer legal advice to its readers.